image of label

The Kona Brewing Company (KBC) on Hawaii's Big Island frequently creates special limited releases of unique beers. For one of those beers - the "Oceanic Organic" Belgian Saison - I worked with KBC's CEO and brewmaster to create an image that would reflect the beer’s refreshing quality but still work within KBC’s existing layout.


A dynamic and eye-catching illustration that taps into Hawaii's history, evokes the blue Pacific Ocean, and is as fresh as the beer. (Note: Because KBC has an established wordmark and typography I did not create those.)

Tasks & Tools
  • Research and concept development
  • Oil Paint
  • Photoshop

After talking with the brewmaster, I created several drawings of potential label designs. These are just two of many.

image of concepts
Final Label

After much discussion with the brewmaster and after gaining input from Kona's CEO and staff, we decided to create an illustration based on the hook idea. The traditional Hawaiian fish hook, or "makau," represent good luck and strength as well as prosperity. And it's obviously closely connected with the Ocean.

image of final label and T-shirt