In addition to designing websites at Western Washington University, I designed and coded websites for school projects. In working on these, I followed usual design procedures: research, customer journeys, sitemaps, task flows, wireframes, mockups, user testing, etc.,. I then created the sites using a minimalist Wordpress theme and HTML/CSS.

Mauka Makai

This responsive website provides a quality e-magazine for people who want to dig beneath the surface and really get to know Hawaii.

image of site
Initial Research & Wireframes

After conducting interviews to determine what people would want to see and read, I created a sitemap and wireframes of potential layouts.

image of sitemap

image of wireframes
Home Page

Once I created and tested my sitemap and wireframes with potential users, I began coding in the browser. In the early stages, my largest concern was making navigation easy for users. To determine the best navigation, I coded several basic versions of the main pages and used those for testing on a live screen.

In the end, I designed this home page. It attracts the viewer with a hero image that evokes carefree joy and warmth. The featured articles are prominently listed with engaging images. Users are prompted to subscribe with a tasteful call out.

image of home page
Sample Feature

This is just 1 of 8 layouts that I designed and then used to create templates for other pages.

As you can see, I've used images to constantly tease the reader down the page. I've used clean typography and ample white space to ensure a pleasant reading experience.

The design also incorporates native advertising, but by placing it lower in the layout and ensuring a close connection to the content, readers actually should find it interesting.

image of page
Other Features

These are the layouts for two other feature articles.

image of pages
Responsive Layouts

As I designed and coded this website, I did my best to keep the layouts interesting and engaging in all device sizes. As the screen became smaller, for example, I moved some images around. To maintain comfortable readability, I also adjusted type sizes and line heights.

In the end, I had a blast designing and coding this. After all, who wouldn't enjoy working with all these great images of Hawaii?

image of site

This responsive website advertises the WAVE, a conceptual money bracelet that allows users to make charges to a credit card.

image of site
Bainbridge Brewing

This project provides a responsive website and updated branding for Bainbridge Island Brewery.

image of site